Proposed Phase II activities aim to achieve the following targets by the end of the second phase:

  • 16 hours daily supply of potable water and minimum residual pressure head will be 10 meter.
  • Quality of water at consumers tap end will be of WHO Guideline. (Nepal Standard)*
  • Very low water borne diseases.
  • Reasonable water prices.
  • Minimum extraction of ground water.
  • Access to sewerage to 90% households.
  • Reduced pollution in Bagmati, Tukucha and Bishnumati.


The following activities will be carried out in Phase II to achieve the above mentioned targets:

  1. Implementation of Yangri Diversion Project.
  2. Reduction of leakage and wastage to an internationally acceptable limit
  3. Rehabilitation of all of the existing production and distribution systems will be completed;
  4. Use of shallow acquifer for drinking purpose will be discouraged
  5. Quality of supplied water at consumers end will be of international standard
  6. Water prices will be determined at reasonable level with subsidy provision for disadvantaged group
  7. Modern water supply technology and management will be applied as much as possible.
  8. New connection, water bill payment and complaints registration will be made available by telephone and internet systems.
  9. Necessary sewerage treatment plants and sewerage systems will be constructed to give access to sewerage for 90% of consumers.
  10. All of the rivers flowing in the cities of Kathmandu and Lalitpur will be kept free from raw sewerage discharge.
  11. Onsite sanitation specially for schools, barracks, hospitals and in the area not covered by sewerage systems will be encouraged.
  12. Full cost of sewerage system will be recovered from the polluters.