Proposed Phase III activities aim to achieve the following targets by the end of the third phase:

  • Daily 24 hours regular supply of potable water.
  • Minimum 10m residual pressure head.
  • Internationally accepted standard of quality.
  • Zero water borne disease from city supply system.
  • Controlled ground water extraction and no use of shallow aquifer for drinking purpose.
  • Excellent consumer relation.
  • Modern commercial management.
  • Access to sewerage for 100% population.
  • Pollution free rivers in Board’s area.
  • Industries will have to construct their own WWTP.


The following activities will be carried out in Phase III to achieve the above mentioned targets:

  • Larke Diversion Project will be implemented;
  • Unaccounted for water will be kept below 10%
  • Use of ground water for drinking purpose will be discouraged.
  • Preventive and regular maintenance of systems will be made mandatory.
  • Ultramodern water supply management technology will be applied.
  • Supply regularity and quality standard of water will be made best in Asia.
  • Necessary WWTPs and sewerage systems will be constructed to provide access to system for 100% consumers.